Other Lesson Materials


Dance is B.(M).E.S.T Chart - Click here to download      

  This chart covers basic and elemental creative dance vocabulary. The majority of Kinnect lesson plans are formulated based on the vocabulary present in the Dance is B.(M).E.S.T. model. This model originated with Alvin Nikolais and Margaret H'Doubler and was revised by dance faculty at Brigham Young University.


Four Universal Principals of Teaching and Learning - Click here to download      

  The majority of Kinnect lesson plans follow the teaching format of the Four Universal Principals. This template was compiled by Marilyn Berrett. Research resources include: Previous Utah State Office of Education Dance Standards, Deb Escalante’s doctoral research about the Natural Learning Progression, and Susan Kenney.


Music Resources for Creative and Rhythmic Dance - Click here to download      

  Compiled by: Jana Shumway

High/Scope Educational Research Foundation - Rhythmically Moving (set of 9 CD's for Folk Dance)
Eric Chapelle
John Tesh
Safri Duo
James Asher
Loreena McKennitt
Blue Man Group
Tristan Moore
Tangerine Dream
Matt Bachrach
Afro Celt Sound System
Suzanne Ciani
Cirque de Soleil Enya


Books for Teaching Dance - Click here to download      

  Compiled by: Jana Shumway

“Growing with Dance” by Moira Morningstar
“Dance in Elementary Education” by Ruth Lovell Murray
“Teaching Children Dance: Becoming a Master Teacher” by Theresa M. Purcell
“Dance and Grow” by Betty Rowen
“Dance and Young Children – Finding the Magic in Movement” by Sue Stinson
“Creative Movement for Children: A Dance Program for the Classroom” by Jack Weiner
“Dance and Language Experiences with Children” by Joyce Boorman
“Creative Dance in the First Three Grades” by Joyce Boorman
“Children Dance in the Classroom” by Geraldine Dimondstein
“Creative Through Dance” by Alma Hawkins
"Child Development and Learning Through Dance” by James H Humphrey
“Teaching the Three R’s –Through Movement Experiences” by Anne Green Gilbert
“Creative Dance for All Ages” by Anne Green Gilbert
“Teaching Academics through Movement” by Becky Ellis (UVU)


Children's Books About Dance - file coming soon      

  Sixty Annotated Bibliographies of children's books about dance. Created by: Marilyn Berrett and Jim Jacobs.


Children's Books with Great Movement Potential - file coming soon      



Finding the "Danceable Ideas" in Children's Literature - Click here to download      

  A simple formula to finding the "Danceable Ideas" in children's literature. Written by: Marilyn Berrett.