Kinnect Residencies

Kinnect is ready to bring a lively core curriculum-based dance experience to your school. Each residency, enriches your students curriculum, and gives Kinnect students an opportunity to expand their undergraduate training.

Kinnect is currently filling a waiting list for half, full or multiple day residencies for 2013-2014.

Kinnect offers unique dance residencies designed to meet your school’s needs. You may opt for one 40-minute energetic, interactive assembly, a half-day residency, or a full-day residency. Multiple day residencies, dance in-services and customized residencies are available upon request.

To request a quote or to book Kinnect
please contact Karen Jensen at
office phone (801) 422-4658
fax (801) 422-0033

When requesting your residency, please include:

  • Your principal's name, your school's name and address
  • Primary contact person (if other than principal), email, and telephone number.
  • Requested residency date(s), and number of assemblies and classes required.

Request A Residency Online

Additional Information

Half-day residencies include one 40 minute assembly plus three classes. Full-day residencies include one 40 minute assembly plus nine classes. Extra classes may be added to your residency for a small fee.

Depending upon your request, the average cost for booking Kinnect is between $180 and $350. Some additional costs may be incurred if extended travel is required. Once your booking is confirmed, a week before your residency, you will receive an invoice. Final payment is due on the day your residency is completed.

BYU Kinnect
photos by Mark A. Philbrick


Teaching with Kinnect:
An Inside Look from a Novice

Teaching with Kinnect:
An Inside Look from a Novice